LOLtv Photo Standup – Episode 2.3

October 25, 2010

Trying something new this week I’ve done a bit of comedy that I wrote attached to pictures. Known as Photo Standup, this is my latest comedy creation! Enjoy


Kanye West Nude Photos Scandal – LOLtv Episode 2.2

October 18, 2010

Happy Monday! This week we go in and go hard on a very big A list of celebrities in this episode and it a surprise ending too!

LIL Wayne Gets Out of Jail – LOLtv Episode 2.1

October 11, 2010

Kicking off season 2, we went in hard on a slew of A list celebrities. All of which made headlines the previous week. Sit back, relax and laugh. Get your Monday started with LOLtv.

As a new feature to season 2 I’ll be posting recap videos for each episode. The recap is a more in depth and behind the scenes view of all the content from the show. The recap video is very comical as well but it’s much more informative.

Season 2 Teaser – in 1080p

October 8, 2010

It’s that time of year again, I hope you’re ready. This year LOLtv episodes go live every Monday morning.

I upgraded my video quality to full 1080p and am in a much better shooting environment.

I’m going all out this year, no shame just jokes.

Season 2, Are you ready?

October 1, 2010

It’s been so long and I’ve been away. Forgive me, I was on a journey through unemployment, across states, then homeless, then somehow landing a sweet ass gig in Hollywood , CA.

It’s only right that I get back to what I think I do best… joking on people! Get ready ya’ll. LOLtv returns for its second season and this time I promise more than 4 episodes…


Softball Headshot

March 8, 2010

And I’m in it! This Sunday while playing softball I nearly took off two heads with one swing!

The 2nd baseman was alright, he shook it off. We golf clapped.

LOLtv Episode 4 – Jersey Shore

January 22, 2010

Special guest host this week, Jermaine Shockley. Jermaine and I made a reaction video to “It’s so cold in the d” on youtube over a year ago. That video had 25,000+ views so we decided to collaborate once again.